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Why Your Business Needs to Move From Paper To Mobile Data Collection Methods

Mobile Data Collection Methods

The benefits of using smartphones and tablets are diverse. The use of these gadgets has opened up new opportunities in many spheres of life. The use of smartphones has transformed how businesses are run. For instance, smartphone apps have made it easy for businesses to collect and interpret their data. This new data collection approach has made the entire data collection process accurate and a hassle free one. With this in mind, here are gains that organization that moves from paper to mobile stands to benefit.

Reduced costsMobile Data Collection Methods

Use of paper in data collection is relatively costly. The cost printing and reproducing data collection documents can be quite expensive. Instead, having a data collection app eliminates the need to make and copy these printouts.

Good for the environment

From an environmentalist’s point of view, paper surveys are wasteful. Considering that paper is made from trees, paper surveys increase the global deforestation levels, which are not good for the environment. Thus, moving from paper surveys to mobile-based one is good for the environment.

Fast data collection

Mobile data collection apps have proved to be effective data collection tools. As such, they reduce the time needed to collect and analyze data. One major strength of using mobile data collection is that it reduces takes care of the errors encountered when transferring data into digital format for analysis.

Improved data quality

Mobile data collection methods reduce the magnitude or possibilities of having faulty data. With a dependable app, one can also clean up data (remove errors) considering that it easy to identify anomalies in data collection. With quality data, one can arrive at logical and substantial conclusions.

Better administrative operations

Paper surveys are a burden for both field workers and those required to process or analyze it. Moreover, the possibilities of making changes on paper can be quite demanding. However, interpreting and making changes to data stored in mobile apps is easy and convenient.

Mobile Data Collection MethodsSafe

What would happen if data stored on paper was destroyed? One would probably have to repeat the survey again. With mobile data collection apps, loss of a smartphone should not be a major concern considering that some of these apps constantly back up stored data.

For the reasons discussed above, organizations have every reason to switch from paper to mobile data collection methods. In case you are still lagging behind, embrace mobile apps in data collection and steer your organization to success.