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A company’s or business websites are used as a marketing and should, therefore, be considered as a very powerful asset. All websites are facilitated by a web host. Bad web hosting are troublesome for website owners as they have to cope with lost files, poor customer service and working relation and service downtime. All these problems in one way or the other affect your business. With queries, you can question and come up with right choices to avoid the nightmares. Questions about free web hosting include:

Is it really free?

free web hosting

As it states, “free web hosting” is indeed free as it always allows a website to be hosted on a server absolutely free of charge. However, a majority of the free web hosting companies do not offer enough options you may need as features on your website. On most occasions, the companies force you to place an advertisement on your website.

Are all web hosts the same?

We have got numerous web hosting companies available. The companies mostly compete for cost via their numerous advertisements. Cheap web hosting can negatively affect your business from slow speed and easy security breach.  A cheap web hosting company with over-shared hosting can also badly affect a company’s reputation.

What can I do with free web hosting?

With a regular web hosting service, you can do anything you wish for expect you are restricted by the quantity of server resources. A regular web hosting service may lack common features as MySQL databases, PHP programming, CGI scripts, and FTP. Apart from the common features restriction, allotment of the bandwidth may also be restricted. If your website frequently has got a lot of visitors, you may experience short shortages of resources if your web hosting plan has got insufficient bandwidth to support the traffic requirements.

Do all the web hosting suppliers force ads?

offer such annoying elements of pop-ups on personal websites. To avoid and remove the ads on your website, it is essential to upgrade to a paid plan.

What kind of clients should I expect?

Lack of support is one of the biggest setbacks by the free web hosting services.

Can I upgrade my free web hosting plan?

upgrading free web hosting

The good thing with free web hosting is that majority of the suppliers will allow for an upgrade to a free plan and an additional inclusive paid plan.



What does Affordable Web Design Mean?

Web Design


Dishing out contact cards or flyers with phone number(s) and no web address is the biggest mistake that you can make as a 21st-century entrepreneur. Websites are a must in today’s business terrain. You can’t beat the competition without one, and there is no reason for signing up for a race that you don’t intend to win. For this reason, many are in search for Affordable Web Design without thinking various issues through.

The price factor

Web DesignAffordable isn’t necessarily cheap. Look at your business endeavors vis-à-vis the kind of website you need for efficient online operations. A site that’s meant to handle online sales requires individual trading accounts with multiple-level security safeguards. These sites are usually monetized as well, meaning that you can stream in passive income from the adverts and earn commissions from the day-to-day deals made by the users or from direct sales. All these involve technical code outlay and innovative
designs that differ in cost with a site that only provides an overview of what a company does, its location and founders’ history.

Ease of use

It takes time and dedication to build a user-friendly site. As a web developer, you have to go through the taxing process of putting yourself in the shoes of millions of potential users. Preempt their needs and predict their thinking pattern during online searches to have the right Meta tags. Above all,
a third-grade pupil should be able to load the site and navigate it in a matter of minutes irrespective of whether he or she is a first timer to the site or not. For this to happen, the site has to feature relevant information and step by step procedures on how to obtain the products offered.


There is no need of having a website if it isn’t mobile friendly since cell phones have tilted the online marketing equation in many fronts.
It’s the fastest growing platform with the highest conversion rates. This is because people may want to compare your prices with that of your competitors or read more about your services while on the move. It follows that if you have a deal of a lifetime to get a website at an affordable price yet, it’s not accessible on mobile devices then you should rethink the meaning of the term “affordable” since the site will get you nowhere near a competitor with a mobile friendly website.

Affordable web design services are, therefore packaged with all these in mind. The price tag should reflect a custom digital design footprint that’s bound to hand you all you need to run a successful online enterprise.

These include:

Web Design• Well-optimized codes.
• Secure and reliable web hosting services.
• Social media management strategies.
• Solid graphic design skills.
• Web maintenance, especially if it’s an e-commerce platform.

Other than these, affordable web developers offer an array of value adding services such as free SEO audit to help gauge whether your online marketing strategies are bearing fruits or not. If you set out to build a site, go for a web development firm that gives you a quotation that’s inclusive of the necessary things that you need to run a successful online business. Give precedence to overall functionality, not ridiculously low price