Advantages of Buying VPN Client Licenses for Your Company

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used to inform decisions about investments by companies is the return on investment. Every CEO wants the company to grow exponentially and to fulfill its strategic mandate. The Key concerns for the communication budget in firms are the cost of the equipment and services as well as the efficiency and reliability of the communication solution. Moreover, communication also plays a role in sustaining business factions and the ability of the company to achieve the objective influences its decisions regarding any long-term communication-related investment choices. VPN solutions are an effective, efficient, and affordable way for companies to hook up their staff with their corporate networks.

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Encourage Productivity

Other than security enhancements, your VPN client license will afford your company employees the chance to focus on the work at hand. If you are an IT manager at your firm, you can recommend this solution to enhance productivity while also reducing overall workload for dealing with security crises that would otherwise jeopardize any work done and the integrity of the data held by the company.

Be Safe from Risks of Free Wi-Fi

Companies can teach employees to be careful with the internet networks they use to connect to the work network. Unfortunately, that is all they can do regarding the motivation of employee behavior and security concerns. However, they can also come up with a solution that removes the risk of unsecured connections altogether. The VPN solution works like firewalls; only that it occurs in a network setting. The VPN forms a wide area network (WAN) that incorporates any of the connected devices that the staff member is using, and other people who are not on the VPN are not able to tap into the network. Thus, you remain secure despite the fact that employees are connecting from anywhere in the world.

The Client License Is Very Affordable

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Quite surprisingly, a VPN client license is very affordable in comparison to the hidden costs of not having one for your corporate network. The prices will vary, but you will pay a minimal fee for a month, and it could be even less than what it costs to pay an employee for an hour. The affordability also makes the solution worth having for any business since the money can pay itself back in the form of the added productivity. The maintenance costs are also meager. The VPN Company offers all the support needed, and the customer only needs to monitor the status of the VPN.

Cut Cyber-Attacks & Security Breaches

Most cyber-attacks to your corporate network occur because hackers intercept the traffic of devices connecting to the network and then compromise the security of these devices so that they work as Trojan horses. However, with a VPN, the virtual wide area network extends the firewall settings of your organization to all connected devices. Thus, hackers find a firewall that prevents them from gaining entry into the network.

All you need to know about file hosting services


The digital revolution presents endless opportunities to us. As such, there are many technical terms associated with these developments, most of which remain unknown. One such term is file hosting. On that note, this article takes a closer look at file hosting and its benefits.

What is file hosting?

file hostingAs the name suggests, file hosting is a data storage methods that use the Internet. Most of us are accustomed to saving files on their hard disk drives. As much as it might be of help, it also comes with its fair share of limitation. For instance, storing on your local device means that you cannot access those files while on another device. File hosting addresses this shortcoming by providing storage services and uncompromisable access to your documents.

File hosting services are mainly used for story documents that are frequently required or shared documents. Since file hosting services are hosted on the internet, you can always get that important document whenever you want. As a reminder, file hosting storage is not limited to documents files. They can also be used to store zip files, media files and other types of data.

How does it work?

Most file hosting service providers have a hosting website. As such, each user is given unique password and username, which are used to access their accounts. It is only after you access or login to your account when you will be able to store or view your files. Also, the user is given the power to read and write. This implies that you can always delete files you no longer need and free up some storage space.

Benefits of file hosting services

  • You can access your documents from any computer
  • Suitable for emergency situation when physical access to the documents is not possible
  • Easy file sharing among different people
  • Easy access since you only need a web browser
  • Great for sharing large files that cannot be sent via email

File hosting vs. cloud storage

file hostingIdeally, file storage is more or less similar to cloud storage. Of the two cloud storage is preferred when it comes to editing and superior file management. However, file hosting is mainly used for personal data storage services due to its simplicity and easy to use nature. In a nutshell, cloud storage is a superior form of file hosting.