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With numerous formats available, it can be confusing in choosing the best for specific tasks. Additionally, some will need particular image formats like PNG, BMP or JPG, yet your images are in different formats. Worry not! The technology innovators have come up with an excellent solution for converting PNGs and SVGs.

That said, it is also crucial to know that different occasions will call for such conversion. In such a situation, you will need to choose software with the capability to convert into a format that you need for your tasks. Here are such occasions:

When Doing Photoshop


The typical format you will need here is the PSD (photoshop document) which can be easily saved on Adobe files. Most experts will want to convert their images from whichever format it is into this one. The PSD format has pixels that are layered and editing the image will be easy. It also ensures that the photos are in raster which is required to manipulate the image with ease. With an excellent conversion software, you can have your pictures converted into PSD without losing any value.

When Sending Documents

Whether you are making a job application or just sending some documents with images, the receiver may specify the image format they want depending on what the software they are using accepts. In this case, you will need to convert your images into the requested formats.

The PDF format is commonly accepted, and people prefer converting into this if there is no specification. Just like any other, you have to do this conversion using an appropriate software before attaching it to the email or the application that you are making.

When Designing Printed Media

Designers of printed media are conversant with different image format conversation. They do this every day depending on what they are designing. Banner ads work well with GIF image format since they rarely lose their qualities when stretched. They can also be animated if the client does not want a real image on their printed media ads. Therefore, an image that comes in a different format will have to undergo the appropriate conversion.

When Creating a Website

Websites require logo creation and images uploading. Some image formats will never load anytime soon when used on the web. It is up to the web designer to know the format that retains the resolution and loads fast. For the logos, GIF formats will work best. They allow easy creation of lines and manipulation of simple colors.

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On the other hand, the PNG is great for images to be uploaded. It has a small file yet retains high resolution. The result will be a high-quality image that loads super fast. This means that a web designer must work with file conversion software at all times. It must not compromise on quality when moving from one format to another.

Final Word

Image format conversions are inevitable if we want to have quality work. Some projects may have little effect if no conversion is done, but others will not work at all. Why not learn what best works for you and embrace it?

Post Author: Nancy Finch