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LED tape is also known as LED ribbon or led light strip kits. They are lighting options that provide a lot of versatility. They give users a way of producing professional lighting setup with minimal effort.


Light emitting diodes come with self-adhesive backings which run on twelve volts. They can also be sliced after every 10 cm. Usage of these devices means less consumption of energy as compared to other lighting models such as strip lighting. Studies show that LEDs have a long lifespan of over ten years expectancy. The good thing about their longevity is that they are cost-efficient.

Major LED types

LED lightChanging color and single color are two main types available. Warm and cool lights are found in every strip. It is ideal light if you want to create a subtle or hidden lighting effect. Most consumers buy these strips and mount them at the cabinetry and kickboards to produce the functional and appealing system. They work quite well when used to produce accent lighting that enhances the room’s ambiance.


LED used in strips is of a special type and changes color. It can blend RGB light at source point to give a broad range of color. Just like single color strip, color changing LED strip may be utilized for different applications and permitting users to switch from the static to the dynamic color choices. When choosing LED lights, there are different things you need to consider. Some of the things to consider include chip size, length, brightness, driver, and IP rating.

Brightness levels

LED light The power of a ribbon or brightness varies depending on number of LEDs utilized and size. In fact, LEDs used in the tape are known as Surface Mounted Devices. They are available in two sizes: 5050 for large ones and 3258 for small ones. The light emitted by strip is dependent on the number of LEDs. A high number of LEDs mean a bright display.


The drivers are needed because LED tapes run on 12 V, which brings down voltage mains. They can be bought with the strip kit, or they are purchased separately. For most drivers, a maximum load is quite common. It ought to be quite expensive to control light’s power consumption.

Splash proof and waterproof coatings can be applied to the strips. This allows them to be used in different light areas which are prone to moisture.

Post Author: Ronald Peterson