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It is not unusual that we take security concerns lightly until we become victims. Even if we hear that other businesses fell prey to cybercrimes, we still think that we may not be vulnerable or cybercriminals may not pick us. If you are not yet backed up yet by Irdeto USA or other digital platform security providers, it can be expected that your company can become the next victim of a cybercrime.

Indeed, cybercriminals have become so sophisticated today that simple security measures can be easily trounced. To make sure that you are protected from the following common cybercrimes affecting companies, subscribing to a reputable digital platform security provider can be the best thing to for now.



Malware or malicious software is a computer code that intends to infect devices so as to steal money or information. This cybercrime can range from simple to extremely sophisticated that can bring about damage to networks. It can even destroy a physical equipment or a computer. This kind of cybercrime can realty be very challenging to deal with. Simple measures like security codes or passwords, encryption, and other schemes may not be enough to defend against malware. Advanced tools may help you but you may also be so sure. Once affected by malware, you may have to disconnect devices that are infected from your network.


This can be one of the most common digital threats which many may have encountered. This is an attack primarily to manipulate individuals into providing important personal information. This can also happen to businesses as business accounts may be targeted. In most organizations that have intensified their security measures, the human factor can be the weakest link to security threats. This should be a caution to all managers to educate employees holding vital information about these threats.


This type of cybersecurity threat is a sub-category of malware. It works by locking you out of your network by encrypting files. You were then asked to pay a ransom money to be able to access your files again. It is now becoming a popular way of even the not-so-familiar criminals to tie up with persons who has access to a company’s network. Employing advanced tools can help against ransomware. Regular backups on important files can also defend you from this security threat.

Internet of Things

IoT or internet of Things is absolutely one of the most exciting technology developments in recent times. It allows electrical devices to connect to the internet and then allowing them to interconnect with other devices. But with this development came more threats. With many devices being poorly secured, hackers can able to access and control these devices even if they are oceans away. There are many ways how IoT crimes can be pertpetrated and it may involve a simple case of scare to far worse scenarios.


These can be the most common security threats but they are already very difficult to do away with. More elaborate cybercrimes will be coming our way and all that we may do is prepare against them and one of them is Irdeto USA.

Post Author: Nancy Finch