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Protect Computer From Viruses

Your computer is exposed to malicious viruses, especially if you are online. The viruses can cause damage to your PC. They are often used to hack into sites and to steal confidential and personal information. The damage caused by these viruses can be expensive. The virus can crash your computer, destroy your files or even destroy your operating system. A lot of time will be used to rebuild the files. A business can lose millions if a virus attacks them. However, numerous ways can be used to protect and remove malware from your computer.

These methods are

Install firewall

Protect Computer From VirusesMost computers have an in-built firewall, always ensure that it is enabled. A firewall helps to provide security for your computer. They do this by creating a barrier which prevents entry of unauthorized programs from the internet. Keeping the firewall enabled throughout is, therefore, important in preventing unauthorized access. It should always be the first step in trying to protect your computer. Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm are examples of firewall software that you can install on your device.

Install or update your antivirus software

Antivirus software are meant to remove, disarm and prevent malicious software from embedding into your computer. The malicious software include viruses, keyloggers, and trojans. Always install an antivirus to prevent any attack.Most of the antivirus software usually update automatically.

Install antispyware technology

Spyware are programs that collect information about an individual without their information. Spywares are not usually easy to remove. Most antispyware programs are free to download from the internet. They work like antivirus. They block any incoming threat once they detect them.

Use strong passwords

Protect Computer From VirusesStrong and complex passwords make it difficult for hackers. Avoid using common passwords like consecutive numbers 12345. They are usually easy to guess. The password should be at least eight characters long.The characters should be different. (A mix of numbers, symbols, and alphabets.) Hackers have tools that they use to break simple passwords. Minimize Downloads. Be keen with especially email attachments that you download. It could be a deadly virus. You should not open email attachments from people that you do not know. You web browser security setting should be set to detect unauthorized downloads.

As it can be seen from above, attacks by malicious software always happen when you are online. Ensure that all the tips discussed above are followed to avoid these attacks. Protecting your computer begins with you.

Post Author: Nancy Finch